Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It looks like this has been a season of reckoning for governments, autocrats, dictators, corrupt politicians and the like. We are all fed up with reading of a new scam in the newspaper each day. It makes one wonder how many more are out there that are un accounted for and that goes on, on a tiny scale below the income tax radar and the big ones, big enough to fly above the income tax radar.
We can all look out there and say that’s where the problem is. It’s those corrupt politicians that are the ruin of the nation. Crucify them!!!!
I have been brooding over the world events of the last 3 months. It has made me to stop and think and pray and reflect. I like to reflect against the mirror of the Word of God , the Bible. When a nation is going through turmoil, hardship, famine etc what does the bible have to say? Some of explain it away with “O the end times are here” and that may well be true. But I see something else being mentioned as well.
I am reminded of  2 Chronicle 7:14 which says “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
This seems to be the solution God is offering. Where does the responsibility of the well being of a nation lie? I think the passage is clear: with the people of God and not Anna Hazare going on a fast (though it might be effective for a short while) .
We the people of God have a responsibility toward our nation.  I, as a child of God am first of all called to humble myself – acknowledge the problem is too big for me to handle at a human level.
I am to seek God’s face – ie To make him no.1, to covet his presence more than anything, to find out what is on his heart, to spend time with him.
Turn from my wicked ways – Wow!!! God does not mince words. We would like to sugar coat the pill. He calls my wandering ways “wicked”. Can I call it anything else? Its only when God’s people get distracted with others things, other than focusing and worshiping Him, does He called their ways wicked. I would be wise to take this seriously. What ways in my life does God see as wicked? I only need to read His word to find that out and the list is shocking.
When I do this - the country will prosper, the land will be healed and our sins forgiven. WOW , !!  So the future well being of my country is dependent on how I as a Christian live my life? Are you serious? Well, read the passage again- I don’t see any room for discrepancy.
  Does this means I can’t really fault the government, the judiciary, the army, the police, the politician etc etc. ? I believe everyone has to give an account for what they do and do not do. But God has given His people a clear mandate and a responsibility: To walk humbly, live righteously, to love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, to repent or our wicked ways. This is the key that will unlock might blessings in our nation.
 So let’s hit the floor.
I have written this song as a prayer . Pray as you listen to it , for a spirit of supplication to fall upon you.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breathe on me - A story of God's faithfulness

 Have you ever had a dream , a dream close to your heart, a dream close to what you know is God's call on your life, a dream that feel is too big and just "like a dream"? I have been there. I lived in the shadow of a dream for over a decade. I had  prophetic confirmations I needed many times over to take that leap of faith . And yet, I lacked the confidence to take those steps of faith in spite of knowing I had a BIG God backing me and giving me His approval. I made feeble attempts at accomplishing that dream and felt I could not do it on my own. There were some friends who encouraged me to step into making the dream a reality.  So I sought the help of other people I thought could help and had a similar vision. But it did not materialize and I was left hanging, waiting for this dream to take shape.I landed up getting frustrated, disappointed and buried that dream in despair thinking I had got it all wrong.  The Bible says "Hope differed makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is like a tree of life " Prov 13:12. I was in this place with regards to this dream for many years and I did not know how to get out of it and then came a stage when I couldn't care.

But , the ever faithful God who does not give up on us or our dreams in his great love pursued me patiently. HE who is the author of that dream was not willing for it to die without bearing some fruit. 

Last year in February we attended a 3 day conference for Church Leaders. It was there that I had the most significant coffee conversation  yet. The lady whom I was chatting with, out of the blue asked me if I wrote songs. I thought the sky would fall on my head. I was shocked as the question was prying the nails I had banged hard and strong in that coffin. I could not run from what I knew was the Lord wanting to take off the grave clothes and bring back to life that which was deeply buried. I sheepishly answered in the affirmative and said I had tried everything , tried getting help in vain and that I had reached the end of myself and any inspiration. She felt I should not give up and try new doors. The Coffee break ended and we assembled for another session. 

The session was on taking responsibility for what happens in our lives and not giving into a hostage mentality or a victim mentality. The speaker gave us a moment to share with each other. This friend shot out of her chair and came straight to me and said "GOD IS SPEAKING , IS N"T HE?". Heaven was using a megaphone. I knew I was cornered by the Living God himself. I felt the Holy Spirit  work deeply in me. I felt deep conviction for giving in to satan's lie and giving into a victim mentality. I went through deep repentance. I was overwhelmed at how much God was interested in this dream, this gift seeing the light of day.

I resolved to make another attempt and push every door for help that I could possibly think of . 

I prayed  a desperate  prayer asking the Lord Jesus to breath a fresh on me, to anoint me for what He want me to do,not to give up till the end of my days, to be faithful with every gift He has given me so that when He comes again He will see that I have multiplied what He has given me.

That prayer  became my first song - the first of this dream , this gift coming out into the open. I titled it "Breathe on me". Since then , there has been an overwhelming flow of new songs, that has  even take me by surprise. My book is full of lyrics leaping out of the pages waiting to be sung.
I look back at the last year and am amazed at God's  faithfulness. As I took those steps of faith, the lyrics fell into place, fresh tunes flooded my mind, new doors of help opened up that only encouraged and guided me so well. 
I have walked with the Lord for nearly 4 decades and there are so many lessons to learn and so many life patterns to unlearn. I am grateful that He is the author of my life and He will finish what He has started in me. He will not give up. And all I can say is " To love and serve You is the greatest thing, To love and serve You, Jesus my King"
Here is the link to the song. Be blessed as you listen to it. Share it freely.