Monday, May 29, 2017

Flame of the forest


Blazing sun
Oppressive heat
Scorching everything in it's wake
Creation groans
With dry boughs bent low
Yearning, longing for rain

Then suddenly comes 
Splashes of color
Flames of fire
Like torches on a tree
Signaling to the clouds
Come break out
Send showers upon me

Flame of the forest
Vibrant in hue
Like a silver lining
In dark grey clouds
Lighting up the dreary sky.

Navaz D’Cruz
April 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

Through the lense of a friend | Desert Rose

Dessert Rose
Photo credit Lasya Vyakaranam


Born in tough terrain 
You adapt and learn to live
In harsh heat
Storing in you what it takes to survive
In all that struggle
To stay alive
You still have beauty
Stored up deep inside

Then one day
You surprise
The whole wide world
As you burst into bloom
A dessert Rose

The scorching sun
Could not scar you
It could not stop
What you were ment to be
You burst out
Defying everything
Such beauty  speaking of Hope
Making my heart glad
Delightful dessert Rose.

Navaz D'Cruz 
April 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Through the lense of a friend | What you tolerate dominates

                                             Photo credit : Padma Vyakaranam


Rack and ruin is what I see
A web of roots engulfing
A place that once was a home
A place of security, safety
Now overcome by
What should never have been
A telling tale of it's history

It's said you can't stop
The crow fly over your head
But you can sure stop it
From building a nest
It's the little foxes
That ruin the vine
These warnings we have heard
Time after Time

 What happened here
Why the neglect?
Did no one see
The little seed take root?
What seemed innocent
Grew silently
Spreading it's ugly tentacles
Over the facade

That tiny seed
Tolerated that day
Has come to dominate
Has come to stay
Choking life out of everything
Rack and ruin laid bare
For all to see.

Navaz D'Cruz

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Through the lense of a friend | Mangroves


Mangled, mysterious
You stand alone
Facing the swells of the sea
Gnarled roots and branches
Speak of stories untold.

Not dainty in form
Yet a beautiful life giver
Breathing out sustainence for all
And with each passing tide
You will continue to be
Sinking your roots even deeper.

Navaz D'Cruz 

Photo Credit - Padma Vyakaranam