Thursday, May 18, 2017

Through the lense of a friend | What you tolerate dominates

                                             Photo credit : Padma Vyakaranam


Rack and ruin is what I see
A web of roots engulfing
A place that once was a home
A place of security, safety
Now overcome by
What should never have been
A telling tale of it's history

It's said you can't stop
The crow fly over your head
But you can sure stop it
From building a nest
It's the little foxes
That ruin the vine
These warnings we have heard
Time after Time

 What happened here
Why the neglect?
Did no one see
The little seed take root?
What seemed innocent
Grew silently
Spreading it's ugly tentacles
Over the facade

That tiny seed
Tolerated that day
Has come to dominate
Has come to stay
Choking life out of everything
Rack and ruin laid bare
For all to see.

Navaz D'Cruz

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