Wednesday, February 1, 2012

God Stories 1 – A Test of Admission!

Over the past few weeks I have felt prompted to write stories from my history and walk with God. I don’t think I need to pen them in chronological order but  rather as I feel led to write. These are my stories of challenges, steps and leaps of faith. I hope you are blessed and encouraged to trust this eternal, faithful  God, Jesus. Here goes....

Colin and I got married in 1991 a few days before Christmas. We both had successful careers – I lecturing in College and Colin jet setting  around the world training people on proprietary software the Dutch company he worked for  wrote and developed. We enjoyed the “good life” living abroad and travelling to many countries. But this did not really feel like the “good life”. We both sensed God had a call on our lives.
So, in 1993 June we gave up our careers to do a 9 month intensive training with the church and thereafter  join the church staff in full time service. This took us spiralling down financially. What we used to tithe now became our monthly income!! But we were overjoyed to serve and give ourselves to something that would last forever – The Church. We learned to tighten our purse strings, budget, be generous, do hospitality all within that meagre amount. We learned to be content in plenty and in want. Every month we would see 5 loaves and 2 fish multiply in our hands.
Andrew's first day of Pre- School.
 Then in June of 1995 we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy – Andrew. We saw God’s sovereign provision where we lacked no good thing. Fast forwarding a few years – Andrew was 4+ and it was time to send him to pre- school. We had our eye on a fine pre- school that had a super reputation for good education. But to our horror we were confronted with fees that would be nearly 30% of our salary and we had to pay up 6 months fees in advance. I was very disappointed and even angry thinking to myself “Lord, I’ve given up everything for you and now this??” But I quickly repented of that sinful thought and surrendered to a sovereign God who knows what is best for us and our children.  I prayed for God’s miraculous provision if it was His will that we take admission into this school as we did not have that kind of money.
That evening a friend dropped in to visit and we got talking about schools and fees etc. He casually mentioned that they had just got their son into a preschool close to our home which was very good and much cheaper. But he warned us that admissions are over and that people usually queue up at 5 in the morning to get an admission form for this place. “Great!!!” I thought, “Let’s give it a try, we have nothing to lose”.

Fancy Dress
Robin Hood!
The gang at Kids R Us with
teacher Rosemary.
Later that evening another friend along with his wife dropped by to chat and before leaving put an envelope in our hands!!Now this does not usually happen to us (people putting money in our hands). The amount was generous but nowhere near what we needed. I was still seeking God’s guidance and leading. Later that evening, I called the other preschool recommended by our friend  and introduced myself. We realized that the teacher and I had common friends etc. I then broached the subject of admissions to her preschool. She paused and said, “You are very lucky, I have just one seat left because one child has just dropped out of school!” I knew it was not luck. I was beginning to sense  God’s divine orchestration. I then tentatively broached the subject of fees. She gave me the break up of the Admission fees, the first month’s fees and activity fees all of which was a fraction of the cost of the other school. There were no advance fees to be paid but only on a monthly basis. I was also required to buy a couple of book, a Tiffin box and Water Bottle. When I did the calculation for all this it all fit in exactly in the amount that was in the envelope our dear friends earlier that evening had placed in our hands.

I was awe struck at God’s sovereign leading and gracious provision.  Both Colin and I marvelled at His divine guidance which has always been with us. I had asked for divine provision for the school fees and God was not slow to answer, just not in the way I was asking!! Andrew went to a wonderful pre -school and enjoyed his first year of formal education under the very skillful tutelage of a wonderful teacher whom he went to meet (as a 6 foot tall young man) on completing his schooling years.
You would have thought we had learned our lesson.  Well three years later we found ourselves at similar cross roads. What happened and how that story ends  needs to be told in the next Blog post!

Navaz D Cruz
Feb 2012


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  2. When I am afraid, I remember David who has put his trust in the Lord & just walk, just walk though there is no light only with a hope to see light..only with a hope to find relief and some rest for my anxious heart. Sometimes, it is like this 'THE LORD DOES IT IN HIS STYLE'

  3. How will buying books and tiffin boxes combining with friend’s decision to gift become an inspiring story and a marvel even after many years? By listening to God and taking the God decision.

    Biblically too, God shows difficult ways and tada! Miracle He performs. All Glory to Him.