Tuesday, June 4, 2013

At the table, we remember

As Christians , the "breaking of bread" or commonly known as "the Communion"  can be a practice that we get over familiar with. Over time we can forget what it stands for and what we are asked to call to mind when we partake of this beautiful sacrament. 

This provoked me to write a song . Here is the link to listen to it . The lyrics are below. May it make you reflect the next time you partake at the table.

Here at your table

Here at your table        
We remember      
The blood once shed  on the cross  
And as we partake we remember 
Your body broken bruised for us

 Here at your table
We consider
The finished work of the cross
Its brings me wholeness
And reconciles me
By making peace through His blood.

What a love what a  life
So pure and holy sacrificed     
My death you died , you paid my price         
What a love, what  sacrifice!

Here at your table we consider
All our weakness nailed to the cross
And as we partake we remember
The victory you have won for us


Jesus blood saves me
Jesus blood heals me
Jesus blood delivers me
Jesus blood – covers me

©Navaz D Cruz June 2013
Bridge section : co written with Karen Wood

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