Friday, May 22, 2020

No well worn paths


It's here there everywhere 
On every tabletop
Very door knob
Scrub, clean, scrub, clean
Drive out that demon
That cannot be seen

Stay indoors within four walls
Don't touch, don't cough
An arms-length distance may be enough
Pray every day to keep this at bay
God may this not have come to stay

Forming new rhythms
New normal everyone says
Isolation is your friend
You  don't want to land up dead in the end
New rhythms of life and conversing
Face to face is now zooming

This is a new era
Never walked before
No forefather can tell us
What to expect now
We will have to forge through
No well-worn paths
Make a new history
Can't learn from the past

Go on we must
In God we trust
He forever guides and leads
A cloud for daylight
A flame by night
Goodness pursuing me
All the days of my life.

Navaz DCruz

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