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Reflections - Sobriety

Reflections- sobriety

, 12 August 2009
In a day there are a zillion thoughts zooming inside my head, many of which are fruitless, futile and some even fanciful. Yet in all that twitter that goes on inside , there are nuggets that need to be pulled out and thought upon as they do not originate from me. Those are the thoughts that needs reflecting upon and the demands of daily life often prevent me from doing just that. But then every once in a while I get a hold of myself,my thoughts, my time and pin myself down to do one activity that tends to elude me- reflect.

Over the past weeks I have been arrested by my own thought processes that are blatantly arrogant, self willed and non God glorifying. To say I am shocked is in itself arrogance on display- because i lack a sober judgement of myself thus thinking myself to be better than I ought. Just this should be enough motivation to arrest all further thought processes... But am I called to now live in a cerebral vacuum of blankness?No.The Bible helps guide my thoughts, my mind to a more fruitful functioning- Phil 4:8:"Finally brothers, whatever is true , whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things" Having this as my plumb line, i carry on life's daily stuff catching hold of the useless twitter in my brain and pursing reflections that are true, right, pure, lovely and of "good report"

Navaz D'Cruz

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