Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vancouver travel blogs | Beauty overload

Beauty Overload

Glacier grand
Standing tall
Set apart
Magnificent majestic
Suns rays bounce
off your snowy whites
Creating a crown of dazzling light
That makes my heart pound and ponder
On the majesty  of the one who crafted you

Mountains dressed
In thick jade and emerald
So elegant

The sea, and straights below
Reflecting the sun
Now set aglow
Like liquid gold
Gilts the  topaz waters

From sea to sky
Wonder upon wonder
With each mile we cover
Comes crashing into view
Leaving me breathless
And asking for more

We start our ascend
Into heights
Leaving the glens
Below to look like
Lego bits in a play pen
A breathtaking view is all around
My face turned towards the clouds
My heart thinking
Is this a dream
Has it comes true?

Breathing in crisp mountain air
In these moments
Forgetting all cares
I can only look down
From these lofty heights
And feel my heart
Burst into songs of praise
As I stand in awe

I thought I had seen
All the beauty there was to see
In this amazing city
Till I came up here.
And for a fleeting moment
My heart got swept away.

Then I remind myself
I am but a  traveller
I have not come to stay
Enjoy the beauty
Store it in your soul
To be returned to
In mind and heart
When the toils of day
Take its toll

As we begin the descent
I leave completely content

Navaz DCruz

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