Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Vancouver Travel blogs | First impressions

Its been a week that we have been here in the beautiful city of vancouver. This place is breath takingly beautiful. The sun is perfect

Corners of color
In verdant canopies
Soaking in rays of
Northern light.
Clematis creeping on wooden fences
Lavender gracing the stone walk
While hedges trimmed to geometrical perfection
Complement the ceraliun  skies .
Pines mapels and firs line the landscape
Like layers of a fluted skirt
Lofty snow capped mountains
Stand as sentinels in the background
Protecting them from the icy blasts of wind.
Vancouver has become to many a sorjouner
A new homeland
A melting pot of people from every tongue and tribe
Where they can build a future
Of hope.
where dreams come true.

Navaz D Cruz

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