Friday, May 6, 2016

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O Canada

Going down maple avenues
With pretty homes
And prettier gardens still
There is beauty to constantly behold
On every street and hill

Streets running at right angles
Each allowing its neighbor a view
Of the beautiful creek and island
There is courtesy in all that they do

Downtown the cityscape changes
From  cottage roofs to glass fa├žades
Of structures tall and elegant
That speak of wealth and opulence?

The business center ironically
Juxtaposed between wealth and poverty
The drug culture smack
In the middle of this
Makes one wonder
Could not beauty and wealth
Have eradicated this?

O Canada the land of the strong and free
What ails these people so?
That city fathers cannot fix
Young lives adrift
Wandering the streets
with vacant eyes
But not vacant hearts.

Who knows their story?
Who can tell?
What made these souls like living corpses,
 living in hell?
O Canada
For these , my heart bleeds for you.

Navaz D Cruz

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