Friday, February 24, 2012

God Stories – A Test of Admission 3!

 A Test of Admission - Part 3

Over the past few weeks I have felt prompted to write stories from my history and walk with God. I don’t think I need to pen them in chronological order but  rather as I feel led to write. These are my stories of challenges, steps and leaps of faith. I hope you are blessed and encouraged to trust this eternal, faithful  God, Jesus. Here goes....

  Once again we fast forward several years where Andrew is now a teenager  and on the brink  of college admissions.
Our son has been working away at different sums in Accounts. The temptation is to do just a few  sums in each topic and hurry on. His father was explaining to him that the reason there are 20 sums in each topic is not to make your life miserable but to help you gain mastery over it from every angle as each sum has a different twist teaching you a different principle related to that topic. One often thinks that when you go through one of life’s test and come out of it  you may never have to revisit it again. 

But I am learning that that it not necessarily true. God takes us through similar situations but each has its unique shape and testing.

Fast forwarding to 2011. Our son is now a grown young man of 16years, standing 6.3feet tall. He has had many amazing stories of God’s testing and faithfulness in his own life that he could well start his own blog. ( maybe one day!).   With Andrew having just finished his last year of school the thought foremost in our  minds like most parents  with children in that stage of life is, college admissions. Its a mad rat race here where competition is thick and stiff. People don’t share information willingly thinking you may rob them of their opportunities. Little do they know that our lives are safe in the hands of a sovereign God who orchestrates our lives and gives us the BEST over ruling the “powers ofhell and the schemes of man”.

The results were declared while we were on holiday in Goa. We were thrilled with the results but nervous about not being there to fill in the Admission forms. Mad scrambles to the place that had wi-fi followed, so we could look things up the net. We were relieved to find the there were a few days before admissions would open up and forms would be collected at the colleges of our choice. We had narrowed down our choice to two very good colleges but both offering very different subjects and both of which seemed good . The time came to submit the forms, get all our documents in order and attested. I must admit I was nervous. I had to consciously fight faithless thoughts. I chided myself for being anxious and spoke to myself about resting and being still.

Having given in the forms and admission tests done we awaited the results. College A  called us for an interview which went very well and  it seemed like Andrew had got through. We got a call for an interview from College B as well. The results of College A  were supposed to announced within a couple of days, and that of College B a  few days after. Frankly we were all torn between the two though our leanings were more toward college B as the choice of subjects were more the kind Andrew was inclined toward. We  were also told  that college B  was tougher to get into and had only 30 seats in Andrew’s choice of subject. We prayed that the Lord would open just one door.

The day came when College A‘s list ought to have been out. That day we got an email and sms from college B saying that they have preponed the results and that the list would be up the next day and we were given only two days to secure the admission!! This was looking to be a nail biting finish – would we be left with the burden of choice?

We prayed. Colin went to college A to check the results and there was no list up. They insisted the list was up on the website and we should check there. However no such list appeared. Both situations were highly irregular – the list not appearing and the College B bringing the date forward.

In a couple of Days College B’s list would be out and we had not seen college A’s list yet even though they insisted it was out.  In a couple of days we got an email from college B congratulating him on securing admission and requesting us to pay the fees within two days. It seemed like we were being nudged toward this door. We held  out for a day wanting to be absolutely sure this was the right choice to make.

The day finally came when we had to take the plunge . We went ahead and paid the fees at College B sensing this was God’s leading. Fees paid, admissions secured we rested easy, though curious about College A.

The next day Colin went to college A out of curiosity to see if there was any list put up. Lo and behold! a list of students securing admission was up on the notice board and Andrew’s name was amongst them. We could only smile and say when He acknowledge Him, He does make our path straight and makes the choice clear. God held out the result of College A from us to relieve us of the burden of choice and nudge us in the way He wanted for Andrew. He also wanted us to know that Andrew had done well enough to secure admission in both.

God is interested – very interested, in every detail of our lives and our children. God is faithful , He never leaves us  confused, nor do we ever walk alone!


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