Saturday, June 3, 2017



Caught in the sinking sand of inertia
Threatening to drown my dreams
Feeling paralysed
Feet stuck in mud
Eyes dulled to the vision
That is deep inside of me

Heavy feet
Stop the soar
Into higher skies
Preventing passion to roar
Like a blazing fire inside
A heart full of unspoken words
That have seeds of life
That could kill this inertia
That's choking on the inside

Then I lift my gaze
Toward the heavens
And see the ones gone before
A great cloud of cheerers
Egging me to run a little more
As I look at eternity past
I see what is to come
So I  break free from all that hinders
To run to the last

I tell myself
Dream a little longer
Keep up the good fight of faith
There is so much to be done
There is history to be made
A legacy to create
For  generations to come
So I break away from those fetters
And  to myself I say
Inertia shall not have its way.

Navaz D’Cruz 
June 2017

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