Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Vancouver travel blogs | A day to be out


People people everywhere
Young and old
Basking in the warmth
Soaking in the sun
It's a day to be out

The beaches are alive and buzzing
The greens filled with laughter
As children giggle and caper
Parents in relaxed dapper laze about
The old  too take a stroll 
Its a day to be out

The more athletic
On cycles and skateboards go
Down winding lanes 
Cradled by the creek on one side,
Filled with sail boats
Bobbing in the shimmering water 
And newly burgeoning yuppy residences
Stand tall  on the other
It's a day to be out

Street side cafes bursting at it seems
People sitting  leaning over their drinks
In keen conversations, connecting or just being
Young lovers lying in the grass
In tight embraces
Lost to everything
The homeless  too wander about
Lost to everything
The  sunrays seems to spin
A warm web  around everyone: this is life
And a day to be out

As dusk drawers near
People start to leave the piers
The sun and sand behind them
The day is done
 For frolic and fun
It was a good day in the sun

The night begins
A new light it casts
Not that of sun nor moon
But of dim lit dens
Where people come in
To meet friends and hang around
Music fills the air
For night is another day 

Soft chatter around dinner tables
In homes where there are young ones
A content glow on sunburnt faces
As parents tuck them into bed
Porch lights on
The day is gone
The chill breeze blows through the air

Navaz D Cruz

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