Monday, May 9, 2016

Vancouver travel blogs | Deja vu

Deja vu

Today I saw this city in contrast
To all the beauty I beheld
We drove to parts that
Did not make me proud
But ashamed as déjà vu kicked in

Sights and sounds of
Home far away
Where din and dirt are common play
Did I ever expect experience that today?
Here in Vancouver?

Disturbed and disoriented
I looked around
Am I back home? Where is this town ?
Why are the streets unkept , not swept?
And shop windows tacky?

Did I hear a car honk?
Am I going crazy?
Litter and shops spilling onto the size walk
Make my head go dizzy
These are things I'm used to back home
What's it doing here? I ask

This is where your people trade
 I'm told
Do business and live.
Their homes look weather beaten
Bear and barren
No foliage no flora to trim their dull fences
They seemed not to care!
For any of this at all .

Ah! it now fell into place
This is just déjà vu
Of things back home
Where this is common place

Navaz DCruz

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