Monday, November 21, 2016

Child of my dream


Child of my dream
Of a prophecy  long spoken
That one day I would have children.
Then came a long wait of many years
One morning I awoke from this dream 
That was a sign of the joy I was carrying
And that
It was worth all the tarrying

Visits to the hospital foretold gloom
Abort cautioned the doctor
This one may not be normal
Aghast, we cried “ this shall never be!”
If this is our lot God give us grace
To face what might come

I prayed to the Father and said
When I asked for bread
Would you give me a stone instead?
Yet not my will
I shall wait and be still
Knowing You are in control.

The months were long
But I carried on
 In faith and anticipation
Wondering what will this child be?
She must be marked for a great destiny

The time had come, my waters broke
We rushed to the hospital
Our hearts bursting with hope.
The labour was not long
We could hear your heart beating strong
This is a baby alive and waiting to be born!

I recalled the dream
Of the baby I had seen
Just born laying on my stomach
Head full of hair, chubby bottoms
Pink and fair
Her time had come!

A dream of conception
A dream for hope and expectation
Was being born that day
Boy or girl anyone will be welcomed
Into our hearts, come what may.
"Come one my girl! Baby is almost there"
Said the doctor encouragingly
One last effort and then a lusty cry filled the air
Held upside down breathing new life!
It's a girl he exclaimed
We said
Jessica Abigail shall be her name.

Jessica for God was watching o're her
Abigail her father's delight!
And as I saw in the dream
Peaches and cream
You lay snug on my stomach
Perfect in every way 
I thought to myself
What would I have forfeited
I shuddered that day!

God you have been faithful
In my yesterday's
Would you let me down today?
 What a day of rejoicing
We let the whole world know
To us has been born a daughter
One who will fill our days with joy and laugher

Fifteen years have gone by
Where did the time fly?
You've come to the end of your schooling
You have brought delight wherever you went
Your teachers and friends
With you loving winsome ways

You excel in all you do
Everything you put your hand to
Blessed and highly favored you are
My darling girlie 
I wait eagerly for what destiny holds for you.
Know one thing 
In all your ways acknowledge Him
And success will follow you.

The world will tell you 
Walk this way and that
Live in the present don't think too much
God and morals are a thing of the past
Remember what you have learned then
The plumb line of your life
Will keep you from danger
And unnecessary strife

Remember your parents prayers
Are always for you
You also have a guardian angel
An older brother who loves you too
You are a blessed child
With big dreams yet to unfold
I know you will do well
You are born for gold.

We love you my darling
Now and always
Jessica Abigail
Our hearts delight!

Navaz D’Cruz 
21 Nov 2016

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