Saturday, February 4, 2017

Through the lens of a friend | Bent not broken.


Stately slender

Gracing sand and sea
Swaying ever so gently
Yet majestically

You stand tall
High above your fellows
Lending shade from the sun
For beach revellers
When frolicking and fun are done

You stand out different
I wonder what caused
That curve in gait?
Why are you so bent ?
Yet I see, not broken

What storms have you weathered?
What have you fought and overcome?
Allowing roots to go deeper still
Making you bend away and towards?

Whatever it is
I do not know
But it did not break you
What bruised you
Has made you even more beautiful
Telling a silent story of strong resilience.

Navaz D'Cruz

Feb 2017

Photo Credit - Padma Vyakaranam ( Taken on the Andaman Islands)

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