Friday, April 13, 2018

Jostling with Jesus ?

The Humdrum of life keeps us busy, preoccupied and distracted with the day-to-day goings-on. We scarcely have time to look up at the beautiful sunrise or pause to listen to the waking birds. We miss the breathtaking sunsets perhaps because fluorescent lights unnaturally prolong our day.

We get used to skimming through, touching the surface of most things as there are so many boxes to check off in a day. Life can be reduced to a list of boxes that need a tick mark. Everything is reduced to a task. 

We often fail to recognize the danger that belies us when we rush through everything without stopping to savor the moment, to go deeper in a discussion, to pause in our prayer, to take time to cultivate a friendship etc.

We could be in danger of dulling our souls and desensitizing our spirits to recognizing grace moments in our lives. We almost wish that life could be run on autopilot and hope for a cushy cruising and safe landing.

The sad thing I find is that when I allow myself to live like this, I can miss the occasion, miss the connection, or miss to hear the hearts unspoken words and be dulled to what is happening around me.
I could well brush past a divine moment and not realize it or because I am in such a tearing hurry to tick the boxes, I reduce the relationship to a lifeless religious routine.

I am reminded of one brave lady, who in the middle of all the crowds and chaos decided to push through to actually touch the Master and not brush past Him. The crowds were pressing in either wanting a glimpse of the local hero, wanting a miracle or just wanting a selfie moment with Jesus. Alternatively, maybe they were preoccupied with the scene at a  surface level or just looking for fleeting moments of pleasure.

The crowds were satisfied with a glimpse of the Saviour.The lady, however, was absorbed with a transformational touch that needed for her to persevere deeper, to push past people’s opinions, cultural chains, embarrassment, fear, and doubt. She had to go beyond a jostle with Jesus and tap into what only Jesus could give her. She perceived Him as a Life-giver- a Life transformer.

When I reflect on this, I think to myself how often I have been satisfied with just a glimpse instead of pushing through to actually touch Him, to actually relate and commune with him. I could be in His presence and not take that bold step of faith and push to plug into His power that could change my life!

Maybe sometimes we do not realize how desperate we are in need of that touch. All the people present that day could have tapped into that power if they were intentional about it their contact with Jesus. If only they knew!!

One lady dared to venture beyond and she walked into her miracle! The others settled for jostling while she was transformed.

It makes me think – how do I approach my quiet time: that time I spend with Jesus. Do I brush past his presence or do I stop to be with Him? Have I become so over-familiar that I have forgotten who He is and what he can do for me? There could be moments when His presence is so close, so tangible but I miss it because I am so distracted. I fail to recognize when He walks into the room.

I want to touch the hem of His garment and be changed forever! 

Navaz DCruz

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