Friday, April 27, 2018

You are Stronger |Story behind the song

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by what's happening around you. Have you felt like you don't have what it takes to fight and overcome all the odds? Have you ever felt like you have reached the end of your thether? I think we have all been there in some measure. 

I began to think about this and study this; and realised a few things. Here are my thoughts.

This can happen when we focus  on the wrong thing, magnifying it and thus empowering it to dominate our lives. 

There is a better way. If what gets empowered is what I choose to focus on, then I can do something about it. I have to change what I think about, what I am saying to myself in those zillion conversations I have with myself in my head. I have to change the way I think about myself. I have to change my understanding of where the solution lies. 
The Bible simply calls this the "renewing of the mind". 

This is one is the first things I need to change. To know without a shadow of a doubt that God is for me and only wants my good no matter what I am going through or feeling. The devil is not an equal power with Jesus never has been. He too is a created being. He is not all knowing. His power is limited. He is defeated. Therefore I fight from a place of victory.

So I remind myself that greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world. I have a certain Hope anchored in history and the future. One day all this will wear out like an old garment and I will meet my maker face to face.
All troubles will cease and I will be with Him forever!!

So I penned this song as a daily reminder to myself. When Satan tempts me to give in, I look up to the One who is Stronger than my struggle, heaven's Mighty Champion in whom my battle has been won.

Listen to the song and be blessed.

YOU ARE STRONGER (CAPO 5) G You are stronger D So much stronger C D Than the trials that we face G You are might D Oh so mighty C D G We have victory in Your name G You are stronger D Than powers of darkness Em D You are stronger than the grace G You rose, You conquered Am Death and Satan C D G And Have been given the highest name C So we praise you G Might Jesus Em We praise D Victorious Son Em We praise our G Glorious Champion C In You D The battle has been won! You are stronger So much stronger Than any scheming known to man our perfect Will Shall be established In this certain Hope we stand BRIDGE Em On that day G When we are changed D On that day will sorrows fade G Em On that day when struggles cease D We shall see you face to face C D G And we will be with You forever ©Navaz D’Cruz Feb 2018

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